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About Us
About us
Detron Power's mission is to develop energy efficient products.
Shanghai Detron Electric & Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the Shanghai Long March Industrial Zone, covering a floor area of roughly 3,000 square meters. With more than three hundred employees at present, we are a professional power supply company integrating the R&D, designing, manufacturing, and products sales. With a history of almost two decades, it is China’s earliest and the biggest switching power supply supplier in the industry of electric power system. We boast not only a power supply designing team who are well versed in the expertise for the mating equipment for the power system, but also have a number of state-of-the-art production lines. We stringently carry out the ISO 9001 quality management system, coupled with the utilization of the ERP management system. Our brand and products have gained popularity and positive recognition in the power supply community and electrical equipment markets.
Our goal is devoted to the development of the high efficiency and energy saving products. For the past many years, we have achieved the highest reputation in the industry of electric power system through our top-notch power supply and excellent service. Our major products including: industrial standard power supply, power system relay protection power supply, smart meter power supply, rail traffic device power supply, weighing apparatus power supply,power distribution power supply,SVG power supply,charge station power supply and LED driver etc. Shanghai Detron has established a perfect sales network, selling the products to the different major cities in China. Besides, we have set up and maintained a longstanding good partnership with XuJi, NANRUI, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, AO Smith,KOHLER and so on.
In order to be competitive domestically and internationally, we put the top priority to the switching power supply for the electrical equipment oriented to the intelligent power grid. Taking advantages of our strong brand in the traditional relay protection industry, we aggressively open up the new field for the distribution automation and the dispatching automation, so as to effectively explore the mating power supply markets for the power consumption facilities, keeping our growth abreast with the relay protection market.
Steadily follow the roadmap of LED driver development alongside with the strategic partners. We will not establish new customers recklessly or blindly pursue the high output. We will prudently handle the resource allocation for the major business markets, and strike a good balance between the business scale and the economical results.
Resolutely adhere to the other products development alongside with the products in our own field. We will do our utmost to stay ahead in the power supply community and forge ahead in the light of the resource allocations.