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Successfully held supplier conference on March 19, 2016

After careful preparation, our company held a supplier conference in Shanghai on March 19, 2016, and the main raw material suppliers sent representatives to attend.
At the meeting, our purchasing manager first reviewed the procurement situation in 2015, and pointed out that in the case of poor overall economic environment in 2015, the purchasing volume of Dechuang Company did not fall, and it highlighted the existence of the supply cooperation process. Quality issues.
The chief engineer of Dechuang Company also shared his new product design concept, pointing out that good product design needs to rely on good materials, and new products have higher requirements for new materials. Once again stressed the importance of the quality of raw materials.
General Manager Zhang general summarized his comments and expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the suppliers. How to control the quality of the products, Zhang Zong not only shared his own experience, but also stressed that the requirements for mass quality accidents should be strictly eliminated.
Finally, this conference was successfully concluded in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.