About us

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The purpose of Dechuang Power is to develop energy-efficient products.

Shanghai Yingtai Dechuang Electrical and Electronics Co., Ltd. (branch) is located in Baoshan City Industrial Zone, Shanghai, with a construction area of about 3000 square meters and more than 300 employees. It is a professional power supply company integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and product sales. With nearly 20 years of history, it is a large-scale domestic power system automation device switching power supply supplier. The company not only has a power supply design team that has a deep understanding of the power system supporting equipment, but also has a number of advanced production lines. Fully imported ERP management system, its brand and products have been widely recognized and positively affirmed by the industry and the power equipment market.

The purpose of Dechuang Power is to develop energy-saving products. Over the years, Dechuang Power has enjoyed a high reputation in the power equipment market for its high-quality power supply and excellent service. Its main products include industrial standard power supply, power supply for power system automation devices, smart meter power supply, rail transit device power supply, weighing instrument power supply, intelligent distribution network terminal power supply, static reactive power compensation power supply, matching power supply for automobile charging piles (stations), LED lighting power supply, etc. Dechuang Power has also established a perfect sales network, covering major cities in China, and has established and maintained good cooperative partnership with Xu Ji Group, Nanrui Group, SIEMENS Company, ALSTOM Company, AO Smith Company, KOHLER Company, etc.

In the face of domestic and foreign market situation, Dechuang Power insists on the main market positioning of switching power supply with intelligent power grid as the vision of power equipment. Through the brand advantages of the traditional relay protection industry, we actively explore the market in the field of distribution automation and dispatch automation, effectively expand the power supply market for electrical equipment, and maintain the synchronous growth of the relay protection market and the industry.

Dechuang focuses on R & D and continuous innovation, always insists on promoting high-quality products and services, insists on common development with strategic partners, does not easily develop new users, does not blindly pursue high output value, and carefully handles the allocation of resources with the main market; Carefully handle the balance between scale and efficiency.

Adhere to other industry products and industry common development positioning unshakable. Efforts should be made not to fall behind in the development of the industry and to develop in the following figure with resources.